Dungeon Master’s Keep – The Ultimate DM Screen

Gale Force 9, a company who makes high quality gaming accessories, is among the few licensed by Wizards of the Coast to use the name Dungeon and Dragons in their products.  Well they must have heard our screams of “me want!” because they are going to make available to us something that shows the badassness that is GF9. The limited amount of the Ultimate Dungeon Masters Screen that went as swag to many hobby stores and lucky winners at conventions last year from Wizards of the Coast and Alliance. Only 220 of them were made and each were numbered. They were at DDXP 2011 this year selling such awesome gear as their DM and Player Token Sets, and the vinyl battle maps for Dark Sun which I love so much, but just cant justify to buy, and brought their shiny new head turner to show off

The official name from GF9 Website is “Dungeon Master’s Keep – Ultimate DM Screen”. I’m calling it “MY Ultimate DM Screen” as soon as it goes on sale to the public! And its every bit as Ultimate as they say.

Dungeon Master’s Keep – Ultimate DM Screen

Ultimate? Yes… yes it is son

That’s right… the one DM Screen we wished and prayed we had can now be yours in June 2011 for $150 at retail. Notice the 4th edition Dragon logo above the portcullis gateway. No they do not open like you wish they could, but see those little demon knockers? Nice touch!

This resin cast beauty just screams leetness. See those towers? Not only does it have 1 dice tower to roll your dice outwardly facing your players, but the other tower has an inward facing outlet for the DM only dice rolls! I cannot wait till my players hear the thundering dice down and associate it with “Dungeon Master Thunder” because a hollow resin tube is going to be a god awful racket. Maybe reserve them for special occasions when the tension builds to a climax for maximum effect mewhahahaha!

I have no official comment on the dimensions but I doubt they changed their resin cast much in the past few months, only thing that pops really out to me is the tower parapet looks slightly more robust and have a concave shape instead of sharp angled walls. Looks better but will it make less room for minis, or provide MORE room, since you can stack them on the sides. I don’t know. If anyone took pix from DDXP 2011 to prove me wrong and/or have any swag they want to send me from that event, go, up up to the contact button and hook it up.

Sooooooo… I’m going to have to just give the dimensions for the WotC/Alliance Promotional that Gamer Bling measured. The Walls are 8″ tall, barbican reaches almost 9.4″, to the top of the tower which is almost 12″ tall! Now Gamer Bling has also stated the holes in the top of the tower (1.75″) are BIGGER then the outlet on the dice tubes on the bottom of the tower (1.5″). Now I don’t have any d100 around to measure, my last one wandered away from the game table when a surprising number of rogues showed up to play, but make sure yours are smaller than 1.5″ because if it fit in the top it just might not come out the bottom!


This dungeon master’s keep side is from the promotional. Again if any want to send me the correct dimensions or pictures this will be corrected. Come on, dig your pics from that D&DXP 2011.. relive the glory! and send me one.

Got mini’s?

Now that’s a view any DM/GM could appreciate. The shelves to stash your mini’s are 2.5″ wide so you can stash a wide assortment of your minis on them.

Tray for Tokens from GF9

The Token Tray for all your Gale Force 9 accessories

A token tray comes with the Dungeon Master’s Keep. How may remains to be seen but it looks like only 1 is coming with the unit, which to me is odd since there’s so many tokens to use in the Dungeon Master’s Token Kit.

This is quite the unit and for $150 bones it better be! Actually its ALOT cheaper than I was thinking that they would price it, and a hell of a lot cheaper then the ones off ebay would be. This bad berk is made out of pure resin, not cheep ass plastic!  If you were to try to just buy the resin alone at retail you would come close to the base cost of this unit, not to mention the time spent trying to make a mold for this thing! Perhaps in another article I will go further into this matter.

Needless to say this official Dungeon Master’s Keep is to die for.. or kill your PC’s for. I will be setting this up in the game room for all of us to enjoy. Weighing in at almost 18 pounds this bad ass will STAY in the game room as either a D.M. screen, or it could also serve for miniature siege warfare on a castle. Dual-class purpose in a no dual class edition.


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