Dragon Collector’s Set – Iconic Evil

Wizards of the Coast is at it at another chance of the miniatures line. A Dragon Collectors set is in the making, and set for a release date of October 18, 2011 and will sell for 44.99 msrp so you’ll be able to pick it up at amazon.com for for under $40 bucks with free shipping.

The dragon collectible set will contain 1 each of the 5 colors of chromatic dragons : red (fire), green (poison), blue (lighting), black (acid) and white (ice). It looks like they will be releasing 2 new figures while 3 are going to be from the old plastic DDM mini lines. I would come to bet that they will be the same exact paint jobs too. no word on which are going to be the new ones or what size the will be.

They will contain the dungeon delve cards but no info on if they will have skirmish cards. I doubt that it will.

Promotion release listed here.

Pictures when i get them!!!


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