About Me

A blog site dedicated to the legendary gamer swag out there. Mostly I will be reviewing “Game Swag” I own, am excited about, and the stuff rumored to exist. This is my 1st blog site so bear with me as I learn the ropes.

I started this blog because of a friend and his obsession with them, and im trying to understand. When i asked what the big deal was , he replied with “Start one yourself, and you will see…” While im not one interested with writing about my daily interactions with life and expressed thus so, I was told, it didn’t have to write about my life… just things I am interested in.

I love all kinds games, but most of the accessories that come with them really make the sale for me. I’m one of those suckers that are sold on the free stuff that comes with collectors editions, limited items, pre-order items, and promotional goods of all kinds. I blame it on me living in Alaska, so I am unable to make the gaming conventions easily, so I can only attend when I am on other business and the wife lets me sneak away.

I would LOVE to attend all these types of gatherings, but being daddy@ home, working a job on the weekends, and preparing to starting a small business I am running to make ends meet, really limits me on time! As my business grows I will have more time to dedicate to theses things. But for now I’m stuck buying this swag from Ebay and other gaming stores that sell their goods. Maybe when theses kids are out of diapers, I will be able to spend more money in plane tickets to fly to more of these conventions. Someday we will have a gaming convention of these sorts in Alaska.

I someday hope to have a full career in the field I love that is gaming, but now my small RPG gaming room is more a hobby room that helps my small communities youth have a safe place to go to play some video and tabletop games without getting into trouble. Boredom is the root of most teenagers source of trouble.  Once bored, the teenager looks for things that he’s not normally allowed to do to have fun. We try to curb that boredom through imagination, creativity and challenges. Roleplaying games and video games have those qualities so we try to make it a safe place to hang out for them to express themselves and grow to understand themselves more.

Well that’s enough about me and my ramblings of something i will probably edit later… On to the swag!


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